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Super Robot Wars.

March 6, 2009

I found out about a series of video games that came out in Japan called “Super Robot Wars.”  I don’t know how well they played, but the cut scenes are amazing!  I am including them on this blog because of the “scale” discusion.  The scenes involve mecha of many sizes fighting side-by-side.

Super Robot Wars

Super Robot Wars

Super Robot Wars 2

Super Robot Wars 2

I don’t know if you will like them, but I sure got a kick out of them.  I am sure you will understand why I felt they pertain to the current topic of discusion.
Keep it “Stompy!”
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  1. March 9, 2009 7:29 am

    Man, how did I miss this? I could probably name every robot in those pictures up there.

    The games themselves play out not unlike Fire Emblem, but more… different? I suggest looking for Original Generation or its sequel (the only two to be officially localized into English) or, if you’re really desperate, Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars, aka 2173 Testament (a distant cousin, definitely inferior to the real thing).

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