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The Linebacker!

June 22, 2009

This is a bit of a convoluted story so hold on to your sense of reality. I have noticed a trend toward making MOC’s that intentionally make use of difficult to use parts. I have noticed this both on blogs and in Flikr photo captions. Well I set out to do the same, and this is the story of what resulted.

linebacker 001

I decided to use the palm-tree top, because I have never used it for any reason other than its’ intended purpose. I thought at first that I might use it as the basis of some strange utility mechs hand, with fingers hinged off the multi-pronged end.

linebacker 002

This was not going as I had envisioned, and then suddenly I had this!

linebacker 003

I thought that it had shoulders, and when I added a five stud 1×1 on the “wrist” shaft, turning it into a “waist,” I knew what I had just done.

linebacker 004

I had created a new micro mech frame.
After fleshing it out I decided to call it the “Linebacker.”

linebacker 005

The legs owe their birth right to Squieu’s Mini-frame, Soren’s Conscript, and Malcom’s Mgn-302.

linebacker 006

The legs are not Identical to any of the afor-mentioned frames but have elements of all three incorporated into their design.

linebacker 007

Finding me very pleased with myself and my use of a “difficult” part at the heart of a micro mech, my sub-conscious ever the trickster handed me a way to make the frame without the part that I was so proud of having used.

linebacker 008

linebacker 009

linebacker 010

So now I have the “Linebacker,” and the “Linebacker A-1.”

linebacker 011

linebacker 012

Keep it stompy!

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  1. Mantisking permalink
    September 29, 2010 8:31 pm

    I built a copy of this frame. I’ve also used the “torso” as part of another mech design. But, I think it uses too many of these.

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