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Record Sheets, and a public apology.

May 1, 2010

As many of you have seen, I have three different Mechaton record sheets listed in the “Tools & Rules” section of this blog. Well recently I unearthed an old thread on the forge forums from 2006 where Anna Kreider posted a link to a Mechaton record sheet that she had created. The posting had several positive responses, but the link was no longer working. Thinking that I might add a fourth record sheet to my page, I contacted Anna and asked if she might still have a copy of the file languishing in one of her drives, and if so could I please post it on my blog. She was very helpful, and sent me a copy of the file. When I opened the file I was horrified to find that I already had a copy of her record sheet posted, and had for more than a year! The problem was that I had given credit to someone else! If you read through this blog and its accompanying pages you will notice that I take great pains to make sure I give proper credit where credit is due. The mistake was mine Anna, and I am sorry. I have already changed the listing to reflect the proper reality of authorship.

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