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Monumental Duh!

October 19, 2010

Well, as many of you may already know, Mr. Weasely recently started a Mechaton frame Wiki over on Board Game Geek.  This had the effect of forcing me to reexamine my list of frames, and the self imposed rules I came up with for what I could add to the list and what I could not.   If you have read any of my posts on scale, you might remember that I have tried to disabuse some players as to their preconceived notions, or biases about what scale Mechaton is or what size is right for a good mechaton mech.  So that in mind, you can imagine my horror when I discovered that I had left a mech frame off the list because I myself was suffering from the same type of “scale bigotry.”  Not just any frame, but one that meets my self-imposed requirements THREE TIMES OVER.

                What frame is this I speak of?  How could I have overlooked it?  What is this recently discovered bias that resided in me?  The frame is the “Space Marine” created by Joshua A.C. Newman who also created the AIn-11 frame.  How was it overlooked?  In the scale that Joshua and Vincent play in (Micro Fig Plus) the space marine frame is “Power Armor” and as I was making a list of “Mechs” it didn’t fall into the correct category.

                I was floored when the enormity of my personal hypocrisy finally hit me.  I quickly looked at the numbers and saw that the “Classic” frame is 13 feet tall in micro fig plus scale, and just one scale size down (micro fig scale) the “Space Marine” is 12 feet tall, of course it’s a mech……Duh!  To make matters worse its 29 feet and 10 inches tall in two plate scale, and 60 feet tall in tile scale.

                I decided to add this frame to the list as soon as possible but quickly ran into the fact that I no longer had a copy of the PDF to pull the hand drawn image and exploded parts list from. 

                Now that my attention had firmly been drawn to the “Space Marine” frame, my mind began to explore two questions simultaneously.  The first had to do with the name “Space Marine” and how could I make it look more like its name-sake.  The second was if it is a mech how can I make it look more mech like.

                What I came up with following both lines of thought turned out looking great, (to me)but before you even start thinking that I am stepping on Joshua’s toes with this you have to understand one thing.  Joshua couldn’t do what I have done here when he first created this frame.  Why you ask?  The part that makes this cosmetic improvement possible didn’t even exist when Joshua first created the frame.  The 1x1x2/3rds slope or cheese wedge would not show up on the Lego roster for several years after the “Space Marine” was first created.

Space Marine with bolter

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  1. October 21, 2010 2:52 pm

    The great mechaton scandal of 2010!
    You’ll be impeached for sure. 🙂

    • October 21, 2010 4:15 pm

      Yes. I will be posting from my villa in Equador for the foreseeable future, and those allegations of my taking bribes in exchange for placement on “The List” are totally false. That money was simply meant as a “gift” to show appreciation for my work.

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