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A list of Scales.

October 22, 2010

Mantisking started a thread over on the BGG today about tags for the pics in the Mechaton gallery.  I thought it was a good idea, so I jumped right in.  My reply was all about tags indicating what scale a model or scene was in, and as I have recently blogged about new scales available to us as Mechaton players I realized that a list might be in order.  So here it is:

Mini-fig(S) – mini-fig = human
Micro-fig+(S) – 7 plates = 6 feet
Micro-fig(S) – 5 plates = 6 feet
Two-plate(S) – 2 plates = 6 feet
Tile(S) – one tile or plate = 6 feet

Trophy(S) – one mini-fig trophy = human
Game-fig(S) – one Lego game figure = human

Nano(S) – any scale smaller than tile
Fleet(S) – a type of nano scale where the ships are one scale and the fighters and mechs are another.

You may have noticed that three of the scales that I listed are equal to “human” and not 6 feet. This is due to the shape limitations of the Lego figures. Try building a “scale” model of any SUV that can sit three people accross one row of seats in mini fig scale. Then put a mini-fig standing next to it. The mini-fig will just barely clear the hight of the scale wheel, where a 6 foot human would stand about the same hight as the SUV.

P.S. This list is just of scales playable using Lego, and not an exhaustive list at that (I know there are more).  I have mentioned before the campaign report that was played using 1/144 Gundam models.

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