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Yet another by Soren.

November 21, 2010

This one by Soren is also of the “must be signed in to see” type, although I am hard pressed to see why.  So again here it is so that all may enjoy.

Glaug-Type and Marines

Glaug-Type and Marines

 What I like most about this one is his new take on the Space Marine.

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  1. Soren permalink
    November 23, 2010 3:36 am

    I keep stuff ‘hidden’ because most of my Mechaton stuff is just variations on a theme – less interesting to the majority of visitors to my photostream, who are either casual viewers or hardcore Lego-dorks who would rather see something radically new (and who can blame them?). You’ll have access if you’re a member of the Mechaton group, though – so join up! It’s totally worth it.

    Joshua and I were talking about the new Marines and Fuchikoma the other day – originally I had stormtrooper helmets on the fuchi, but the printed face was distracting. Sadly, the neck brackets are really rare and expensive in white, or I would have made more than just the six I have currently – ‘this guy gets a Blue for being small and hard to hit’ is one of my favorite attachments.

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