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Campaign Games, part two.

May 30, 2011

After writing “Part One” I came to understand that what I was doing was coming up with a set of questions that when answered, would go a long way to laying down the campaign back-story.   The first question was mentioned in part one, “What is the map a map of?”  This question may sound trivial but the ramifications to the back-story are huge.  Any story that takes place in one single hollowed out asteroid is going to be vastly different from a game that spans seven galaxies.

The second question is “What scale will the battles be fought in?”  This question gives the players a universal reference point to build their mechs from, but it also affects the story by pining down what the combat machinery looks like.  “Are the battles fought with hardsuits, landmates, lumbering mechs, or towering mecha?”

Questions three, four, and five all deal with the personalities of the political factions directly involved in the conflict.  Who are they, what do they want, and what happened to make them angry enough to start shooting.

Questions six and seven deal with optional and house rules.  This is the time to decide what special rules if any will be used.  After the game has started, any new rule proposal will be seen as favoring one player or another.

I mentioned a single turn game in part one to illustrate the “size” of the map, but after rereading the post I now consider this a valid campaign format.  So question eight asks about the duration of the campaign, “one turn or multiple?”

(1) What is the map a map of?

(2)  What scale will the battles be fought in?

(3)  Name and describe the MPF’s (Major Political Factions.)

(4)  What are the goals of the MPF’s?

(5)  How and why did the MPF’s exist in peace till now, and what happened to start hostilities.

(6)  What official optional rules if any, will be used?

(7)  What house rules if any, will be used?

(8)  Will the campaign be a single turn, or multiple turn game?

End of part two.

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