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Crimson Commandos, part nine. The Warlord torso system.

April 7, 2012

The state weapons manufacturer of the Diocese of the Corward March, is called Corward March Mech and Machine, or CM3.  When CM3 was tasked with designing a mech to be the main battle frame of the Crimson Crusaders, the leader of the design team asked the team members one question.  “What are the reasons that keep some frame designs in production, and on the battlefield decades, and sometimes even centuries after first hitting the market?”

Some of the reasons the team came up with were:

Ease of maintenance.  If the mechanic isn’t happy nobody is.

Compatibility between production runs and model designations.  Being able to put one working mech together from the mangled remains of three destroyed mechs, even if they were of different production years and model designations can be a real big plus to an army in the field.

Ease of modification and upgrade-ability.  How easy is it to change the mechs battlefield roll, or replace an aging system with newer technology?

Modularity.  Can the head be removed and the cockpit put inside the torso?  Can the torso be expanded for more ammo storage, or a larger power plant?

Armed with this list of reasons the design team decided they were no longer designing a mech, but a torso system that would be the foundation of all the mechs the DCM and the Crimson Commandos would need.

The result of this project was the Warlord torso system.

The first mech built on this system that we will highlight is the namesake Warlord, an assault class mech that can approach one hundred tons when loaded out.

This last mech is still a prototype.  Its project name is Minotaur.  The weapons are just place-holders, and I’m still not sure about the head, but I just love the leg concept.

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  1. Trilobite permalink
    April 9, 2012 3:52 am

    I really like the feet on the Warlord, and the smooth look of the overall design. I also like the squat frame that appears in the eighth picture down from the top. Including objects and people for scale in the pictures is also a nice touch.

    The overall look of the minotaur is cool. I’m not sure about the head, but go with whatever you feel rocks. Again, the legs on the Minotaur are also pretty cool.

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