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Crimson Commandos, part seven. The Hornet and Wasp.

April 7, 2012

Back in 2003 I made this mech.  Mantisking has dubbed it the Hotep.

This was before cheese wedges, even before the new bluish grays.  I only ever used this style of leg on two mechs, both built that year.  Well I have resurrected this piece of ancient history for the Hornet frame.

I then used the same leg design with another part that did not exist in 2003 and created the wasp frame.

Many wasp pilots have had “stingers” welded on to their mechs.  This practice has become so widespread that several companies are offering production aftermarket stingers for sale and installation.  The Crimson Crusaders chain of command has decided that this practice is “inappropriate” and borders on the obscene, and is therefore not allowed.  Many pilots in the Commandos however do not feel they are constrained by the same rules as the Crusaders.

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