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Adding to “The List.”

April 2, 2014

I have been absent for more than a year and have neglected both this blog and the list. There are three frames being added to the list today, and a quick look through the MFZ Flikr group will prove just how deserving all three of these are of being added. The first is The Land mate by Malcom Craig. The land mate has been copied more than any other non “Canon” frame with the possible exception of the MGN, which as fate would have it is also on the list, and also a creation of Malcom’s. That says a great deal about Malcom’s creative power.


The second frame being added today is a much more recent creation, but in the half year since it was first posted to the Flickr group it has been copied numerous times. The frame is half Landmate and Half Conscript. The frames creator Greg Strom has dubbed it the Landscript, and the name is just as popular as the frame itself.


The third and final frame being added today is a modification of Soren’s iconic Chub frame. The frame I speak of is of course the “Super Chub” by Josh Shimko. Not only has this frame been copied many times but it has lent parts of itself to a multitude of other frames by numerous builders, and has been blamed by some as having singlehandedly started the “Cult of Articulation” within the MFZ community.

7174385071_c12fcc38b4_b (1)

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