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The Lockon.

March 19, 2017

Having just discussed “The List” and my desire to update the rules for adding a frame to the list, I am going to go ahead and add a Frame to “The List” without the aforementioned discussion.  The reason for this is that the Frame in question has been accepted by the community in a way that goes beyond whatever rules revision we may come up with.  The frame I speak of is Vitor Faria’s Lockon frame.  Copies of the Lockon have popped up on the hanger, the facebook group, and most notably the Flickr group.  A quick search on the MFZ Flickr group will give you a great return.  Now a few of the returns will not be Lockons, but that in no way diminishes the rest of what you will get.  Here are a few of the inner frame pictures that Vitor has gifted the community.

Frame one

Frame two

Frame three

Frame four

Here is a great render by Captain Foo that clearly shows the difference between a complete mech and the inner frame.  Great pic.


Another thing I like is that many who have adopted the Lockon are not guilty of being members of the cult of the lone build. Here is a squad of three by Mika Metsatahti.


And another.


Here is an entire company of Lockons and Lockon mods in green and black by Mark Sakura.


Mark Sakura was so inspired by the Lockon, that he has come up with Two variants he calls the Deadlock, and the Grimlock, as well as minor variations on those as well.



Fellow MFZ Blogger Raymond Bull AKA Mantisking said “The Lockon has truly entered the DNA of the Mobile Frame community.”  If that is not a resounding commendation, then I don’t know what is!

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  1. March 20, 2017 11:54 am

    I just started a Flickr album of all my Lockon variants.

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