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List of Frames.

List of Frames.
The evolving list of Mechaton/Mobile Frame Zero frames. I am including the name of the frame, and the name of the frames creator.

1. The “Classic.” By D. Vincent Baker.

The Classic

1.2 The “Chucker” By D. Vincent Baker

images (2)

1.2.5 The “Tank Chucker” By D. Vincent Baker.

images (3)

1.3 The “Space Chucker” By D. Vincent Baker.


2. The “5th Gen,” or “5gen,” By D. Vincent Baker.


3. The “Walker” by D. Vincent Baker.

The Walker

4. What I am calling the “Scorpion Walker, of the Third Great Roman Empire” not by D. Vincent Baker. Quote- “The scorpion walker isn’t mine, though – it might be by my brother Glen Baker, but I’m not positive.”

5. The “AIn-11” by Joshua A.C. Newman


6. The MgN-302 and 303 frames by Malcolm Craig

6.1 The MgN-303EX by Soren

7. The “Big Foot” by D. Vincent Baker

8. The “As yet unnamed Mech” by D. Vincent Baker.

images (1)

9. The “Takafashii” by Squieu.

10. The “Advanced Frame” by Zizy2.

11. The “Mini-frame” by Squieu.



12. The “Conscript” by Soren.



12.1. The “Commissar” by Soren.


















13. The “Space Marine” by Joshua A.C. Newman.

14. The “Guncrab” by Soren.

Soren’s Guncrab

15. The SLY420 by Shannon Young.

16. The ST-07B Chub by Soren Roberts.

16.1. The Super Chub by Josh Shimko.

7174385071_c12fcc38b4_b (1)

17. The Scrambler by Soren Roberts.

17.1 The Strider by Soren Roberts.

18. The WT-04F Hi-Leg by Soren Roberts.

18.1 WT-04F Hi-Leg Glaug variant by Soren Roberts.

19. Fuchikoma Swarmer by Joshua A.C. Newman.

20. Warhorse by triple_ought.

21. The GAU-29 ‘Battle Toad’ Assault Frame, by Karoline Dianne.

22. The Hobbes by thomastamblyn.

23. The Landmate by Malcom Craig.


23.1. The Landscript by Greg Strom. (Also a sub set of #12 as it has conscript limbs)


24. The Lockon by Vitor Faria.



What criterion am I using for adding or not adding a mech to this list? Well so far a mech can be added to the list if it fits into one of the following categories:

It is included in any official Mechaton/Mobile Frame Zero document,
It was writen about by one of the games creators,
It is a confirmed creation of one of the games authors.
It is a frame that is or has been copied and used by people other than the original builder of the frame.

I feel this is important. This is our Mechaton/MFZ heritage and it needs to be documented.

Long live the stompy goodness!

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  1. April 27, 2011 6:59 pm

    You don’t need to publish this comment, but I wanted to make sure you saw this:

  2. Mantisking permalink
    June 22, 2011 5:16 pm

    I just modified the Boardgamegeek Mechaton Wiki with another frame I think has been overlooked.


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